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The Legend of Futian

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
Chapter 2149 – Big Change ducks cent
“Brother Duan,” Ye Futian greeted Duan Qiong.
Perhaps he just desired to take a stroll outside.
“It’s that really serious previously?” inquired Ye Futian.
The villagers compiled around and required, “What’s it about?”
At this point, they been told some racket from afar. Ye Futian searched in that route and discovered Fang Gai along with the other folks actually talking to anyone.
Ye Futian nodded. He was really a very little stunned to know the discord acquired eliminated this way.
“No, we haven’t,” Ye Futian shook his head and answered. “Some adjustments in the Divine Prefecture?”
Donghuang the good Emperor unified the Divine Prefecture and publicized martial arts. He usually stayed from unimportant concerns and allow persons develop readily. Having said that, the full Divine Prefecture surely can be tightly controlled through the Donghuang Imperial Palace during wartime. None of us could avoid from your fate of preventing during the battle.
A shocked search crossed Ye Futian’s deal with. Of course, he understood anything regarding this. Only equally strong energies might be in opposition to your Divine Prefecture. There were some situations for sure when Ye Futian was still inside the Initial Realm.
Their location was the very best primary continent within the Higher Nine Heavens of your Shangqing Domain—Shangqing Country!
Fang Gai’s words motivated the competition to go in Ye Futian’s path. Duan Qiong regular what he explained to Ye Futian just now. The villagers were astounded. No one envisioned that it is some thing so vital and really serious.
Duan Qiong specifically reported the Divine Prefecture as opposed to the Shangqing Website or any other websites.
“Thank you.” The envoy nodded and explained, “We have supplied your message and you will be departing now.”
“Thank you.” The envoy nodded and reported, “We have delivered your message and are leaving now.”
Ye Futian as well as the some others will be better when traveling with others through the old royal group of Duan. A minimum of the most notable causes on the Shangqing Sector wouldn’t attack them in public.
“What a fortuitous time for all our Four Spot Small town to rejoin the world.” Fang Gai shook his brain and created a wry look. It was impossible to foretell the outcome of this clash. Cultivators surviving in the eighteen internet domain names in the Divine Prefecture would possibly be drafted because of the Donghuang Imperial Palace when a warfare really broke out.
“I goes along,” mentioned Fang Gai. Ye Futian protected him from your historic royal group of Duan. It absolutely was only correct for him to be certain Ye Futian’s safe practices this time.
“Since the Domain Chief’s Manor delivered the message to all the energies this period, lots of expert cultivators and top Renhuangs shall be there,” Duan Qiong additional.
“Thank you.” The envoy nodded and reported, “We have provided your message and will also be leaving behind now.”
The Legend of Futian
Duan Qiong specifically reported the Divine Prefecture instead of the Shangqing Area or some other domains.
The Legend of Futian
“I do know a little.” Ye Futian nodded.
Duan Qiong and also the other individuals came over and checked out the farming web site. They checked up within the outstanding phenomena inside the atmosphere along with the magical ancient shrub and exclaimed, “Four Area Small town is definitely a splendid put now. This could be considered a sacred terrain for farming.”
“I will go along also,” Fang Huan reported. He experienced produced sizeable development and observed he stumbled upon a cultivation bottleneck timeframe. He necessary a way to produce a discovery.
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“It’s that critical definitely?” required Ye Futian.
Duan Qiong personally came all the way up from Giant G.o.ds Community for anything besides cultivating from the village it should be a significant and pressing topic.
The Darkish Courtroom, the Empty Divine Realm… Some of the most effective factors in the world took component on the blunder in the Genuine Realm. Nevertheless, Ye Futian thought that the Divine Prefecture experienced actually regulated your situation. Managed the pressure and hostilities come to be much worse now?
“Okay,” Duan Qiong nodded and continuing, “As imaginable, you will have devastating repercussions in case a warfare with this size smashes out. It really has been relaxing for pretty much 400 decades since Wonderful Emperor single the Divine Prefecture. We built up our property bit by bit during this period. But I am frightened that most the cultivators inside the eighteen websites inside the Divine Prefecture could be in danger if your warfare breaks or cracks out.”
“Yes, we read that it really has something connected with the main World. There are a few clashes in between the Divine Prefecture and other factors. Could be you can find another combat arriving,” Duan Qiong continuing, “You originated in an original World. I imagine you understand some thing concerning this?”
He got no idea exactly what the situation was like in an original Realm. He was on the Divine Prefecture for countless years and hoped to get yourself a possible opportunity to pay a visit to lower back.
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Duan Qiong personally came up all the way from Large G.o.ds Community for one thing except for cultivating from the small town it should be a vital and pressing topic.
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“Okay,” Duan Qiong nodded and carried on, “As you can think of, you will have devastating repercussions if your combat within this scale smashes out. It has been quiet for pretty much 400 years since Wonderful Emperor unified the Divine Prefecture. We built up our household little by little during this period. But I’m reluctant that most the cultivators on the eighteen websites during the Divine Prefecture can be in danger if the battle smashes out.”
Then, he considered Ye Futian and mentioned, “Futian, you are able to be part of me if you desire. Who else really wants to go?”
The Legend of Futian
“I would desire to achieve that. Even so, I am approaching for another thing on this occasion,” Duan Qiong replied. Captivated, Ye Futian asked, “What will it be?”
“We got this news coming from the Website Chief’s Manor in the Top Nine Heavens from the Shangqing Domain name. It’s stated that some changes may happen on the Divine Prefecture rapidly. Most likely they are going to summon strong cultivators from your eighteen areas within the Divine Prefecture. Now, the Domain Chief’s Manor has given your order to involve associates from various very best energies to talk about what is situated forward. Has Four Nook Small town obtained this news?” Duan Qiong inquired.
He got little idea just what the condition was such as the main Kingdom. He has been in the Divine Prefecture for quite some time and hoped to obtain a chance to visit rear.

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